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Pediatric offices have a playful and comfortable theme with toys, characters, and arcades that welcome children. They are a complete fascination to little ones who would otherwise squirm in a typical hospital atmosphere.

There are several misconceptions about the pediatric dental office in comparison to the regular dentist. The family pediatric dentist is different because they have an additional year of school to learn about growing children’s development and behavior needs. You expose your family to more risk or inefficient service when you delay taking them to a specialized family dentist at a young age – more than one in four children have a cavity when they are four years old.

What to know about the NW Calgary family dentist

Is the family dentist right for your family? It is easy to settle for the general dentist because they are easy to find. The pediatric dentist is the best for babies until they grow into teens. There are several advantages of a Sarcee dentist for your family.

Benefits of visiting our family dentist

Comfortable access

It is easier to visit a single location than trying out multiple professionals in the same network. We schedule same-day appointments for multiple family members; hence, you can get all your dental services from the same office. Large families are at an advantage because they can schedule a back-to-back service in one single day. These arrangements can be on an annual basis for cleanings or checkups.

Range of services

The family dentist offers a wide array of dental services, including orthodontic and cosmetic services. The standard list of services includes:

  • Fillings
  • Cleaning
  • Bridges
  • Crowns
  • Sealant treatment
  • Extraction
  • Root canal therapy
  • Implants
  • Sedation

There are only a few isolated circumstances that may require us to refer you to another dentist. However, these situations are rare because we have several dentists to cater to many different conditions, including emergency dental surgeries.

Resolve genetic issues

Genetic makeup is an integral part of creating a family. The family dentist has a unique opportunity to establish the pattern of teeth and jaw development in your family, to know the best time of treating a child’s developing teeth. We could also hint at the family’s nutrition by looking at the color of teeth and pattern of growth, so you can adapt a diet that puts everyone back on the healthy track.

Track healing

Children experience significant changes quickly and have exposure to external influences like accidents from the playground. The family dentist quickly recognizes the child is developing at a healthy pace and spots individual factors that hinder healthy growth. We keep a neat record of their development throughout the years and can quickly transfer the report to the next dentist when they move away to school or get a general dentist as an adult.

Our NW Calgary family dentist offers lifelong support with a family-focused practice that offers comprehensive care. Schedule an appointment by calling (587) 319 – 0856 today.

NW Calgary Family Dentist